If we were harsher on the dealers

--If we were harsher on the dealers the drug war would be won -Navycopjoe

wow. it's a good thing I already have developed such great respect for NCJ, 'cause this won't be my only image of him.

It's a hard issue, especially if you've seen what drugs, and alcohol, can do, but emotionally-driven 'thinking' is the tool of the regressive. Faith-led reason must rule.

Here: the mindful primer on thinking like an American about vice laws, oldest to newest:


Repeal! and
Repeal Heals
The so-called war on drugs is utterly unwinnable and in its very conception perverts the purposes of good government.

(These letters to the local paper got me the attention of the local D.A. Talk about concerning! For my then-young kids' sake, I quit writing the paper.)


The Golden Rule and Prohibition
Countering common erroneous arguments for prohibitionism; the Golden Rule as the foundation for good law.


Comic relief article, my brush with the War on Selected Substance Users:

A Run-In with Officer Green
"WHAT'S THAT SMELL??" scowled Officer Green, and ordered me out of my car.


When the Right is Very Very Wrong
Sure we believe in liberty except when we don't, says Ann Coulter.


What, you didn't see this coming?
If you've got nothing to hide, you're doing it wrong.

That was my tl;dr du jour, so nood is up, I'd bet a nickel.