I was somewhat confused

"One thing I've noted that's a common thread with all of them [polyamorous] is the clinical Peter Pan syndrome the participants suffer, and it gets especially bad when one of the participants starts to grow up (like in the case of the latest one)." -Saber Alter

PP syndrome, plus some overintellectualizing justifications and jus' plain ignerence of real life consequences in many cases. I was somewhat confused. I'm so glad Mrs & I "grew up" together.

"...'I'm not wired for monogamy.' News flash: no one is.... What makes monogamy important.... It's a sacrifice... we make because the benefits are so much greater." -Colorado Alex

When I was young, I took literally the then-current meme, "question authority." I did not take it as some did, reject authority. But I questioned deeply.

Turns out, despite some bs, authority had a lot of good, solid answers.