I Was a Good Boy Until Then

Home, where the owls hoot and the frogs croak and the deer and the cantaloupe play.

Farmer: Working during college we took off to go up to S. Beloit to have beers from 12 till 2 am because they we open so late.

The "best" pizza place was across the state line in S. Beloit. That's where my frat bros insisted I couldn't keep drinking Dr Pepper and had to share in the pitcher of beer. I was a good boy until then. (Well, didn't drink, anyway.)

Funny thing was, I was under 21. In Beloit, in those days, I was legal to drink. In S Beloit, I was breaking the law. Not that anybody ever checked.

Often pondered, if I stood astride the state line, with a beer in the 18yo-state hand, would I be breaking the law? And pondered the arbitrariness of age limits.