I got two miracles yesterday.

Long silly story time!

I got two miracles yesterday.

"The very hairs on your head are counted," Jesus reassured us in Matthew and Luke. Urantia Paper 38 clarifies that the angels don't waste their time pawing through your lice and dandruff to enumerate your follicles; they are math geniuses, inherently capable of such estimations. Sounds right to me.

Which was on my mind yesterday, as I examined the fall of two of the three forks of the once-mighty 100yo oak:

Branches fell inches from the big plate glass window - there were oak leaves caught on the roof flashing above the window, and all through the little cedars on either side of the window. Inches. Very close thing.

The power lines to the barn run under a branch of a neighboring tree, which branch got snapped, but missed the lines.

And big branches fell all around both vehicles, yet only one small twig-end broke against the pickup door. No scratch worth mentioning.

And no human or beast got hurt. Not even the resident family of squirrels, I think.

That was the first miracle, thank you hypercalculating chaos-controlling angels!

Within a few hours of the fall, the neighbor's son-in-law, and the SiL's two SiL's, came over with their chainsaws, a big trailer, and a really sweet little Deere (want!) with grapple attachment. By two in the afternoon, tons of tree were gone to the South 40, and I was left raking up leaves and twigs.

That was the second miracle, in many ways, more miraculous than the first. Mrs & I stood there mid-afternoon, amazed at our blessings.

Some photos & videos tomorrow, perhaps.

There's a big hole in our leafy canopy now, though. Won't be filled in my lifetime.