Heroes Like Hopalong

Daughter, Milady, and I just recently watched the first Hopalong Cassidy TV show. Didn't seem to be cut up from a movie, but I hadn't been thinking about it.

It seems a really, really, really long time ago I would lie on the floor, head cradled in hands, watching the old black-and-white. Always liked Hoppy.

freedom1781, "bad guys lost and good guys won" — a-yup. Clear-cut good and evil, clean-cut good guys (although often with scruffy sidekicks). Television Westerns, comic book superheroes, "young adult" (as they'd say today) books, back when, didn't just tell stories, they portrayed morality, virtue, uprightness… as if they were to be valued. The percentage of society among whom this still holds, seems diminished. Boy, do I sound like a geezer?