Fool for a Publisher

Christopher Taylor: ...word of mouth and reviews are what drives book sales and authors need them, badly.

I'm a non-entity who self-publishes all my articles, stories, comics, videos only on my own website. Twenty year anniversary coming up next month.

My publisher (myself) is useless at promotion - the occasional self-mention on some friendly website - meaning here, one or two other places - if there's a "hook" I can hang something on. But I don't like to clutter up nice places with self-horn-tootin'. Wouldn't know where to advertise if I even had a budget for it!

Once in a long while I'll get a comment back on the site I've mentioned something, but while I have comments open on most pages, I practically never get any. Lots and lots of spam, though!

A couple of morons and others have linked to my website in their blogrolls. One more in a crowd. Don't know that I get any traffic from any of those.

Admittedly, my site is a weird, cluttered mixed bag of stuff. I got one review a long time ago: "Please don't take it personally, but your site kinda sucks." -logprof

I treasure that.

A few times, a political video webwork has been picked up on, like, Moonbattery, and I'll get a big, sudden, but brief spike in YouTube hits, but it doesn't spill over into the website or hits on other videos.

I have PayPal donation buttons everywhere - I think they work....

Good thing I just do it all for love of doing, not a career.

Not complaining, or bragging, just saying. And I don't really know why I'm mentioning all this. But I did.

Off to help watch Milady get brunch together. Have a day, and keep on readin' ... at least "until you need glasses."