Fantasyland of Lights

Downtown park has a "fantasyland of lights," really cute displays, with twinkle lights portraying various Christmasy things, some animated, like Santa stuck in a chimney, the 12 days, snowman melting, angels, creche, reindeer leaping over the road. Went through there once earlier, and was hoping to go through again after some snow, when it looks best.

Lasts until the 30th.

Alas, starting tonight we get days of rain, followed by "ice pellets" (what we used to call "hail"), followed by hard freeze, followed by cold, clear days. Yuck! Don't think we'll get to see it under real snow. Maybe.

The kids and visiting dogs are gone. The cats are leaking back out of their hiding places. (Tough Guy cat what thinks he's a dog never flinched.) A few moment's peace.

Milady is cooking again. Mole' sauce, for something with dinner at daughter's house. You can roll me home after that.

Merry Christmas again, to all'a y'all.