Enforcing the Federal Law On Pot

Harry Paratestes: ...isn't it kind of cool to see states giving the fedgov the middle finger on an issue that clearly should be a state issue?

As the author of Head Shop Comix and several pot songs (like drinking songs, but with more coughing, see some of my Mindful Webworkshop series on YouTube), you might think I'd be in favor of this, but I'm actually disturbed by it.

I think President Trump (PRESIDENT TRUMP! AHAHAAAHHAAA!) should start enforcing the federal law on pot throughout the nation. Come down hard on the flaunters. Bust all those sickly pot-med users.

No quicker way to get the fed law rescinded. In Oklahoma, the Atty Gen started prosecuting bars that were not living by the Prohibition-ist BYOB "club" rules - AG cracked down, the legislature responded, and we quickly got liquor by the drink like a civilized state!