Dog Basking in the Bright Moonlight

Greetings from beyond the veil.

Dog on the driveway, basking in the bright moonlight. Relatively warm. Hot tomorrow. Can't complain about that.

Website still down, but the webhost acknowledged today that my inability to access it is on them, not me. So, there's that. May still lose years of webworks. My legacy may be as assured as Obama's after Trump erases it.

Stayed up too late, Milady & me watching Apollo 13 for the first time. So well done, even Hanks tolerable. Those were days, all righty. 'Merica! I was 17.

And now, a little dance number with the Nicholas Brothers, younger than I've ever seen them, courtesy of the Bluebird of Bitterness.

Annnnnnd.... that's all I have the energy for.