Divine munificence theology

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When you spend your whole life willing to do the Lord's Will, and all the rest, yet end up with every effort failed, everything ruined, hope seemingly lost. even for that which you thought counted most to Our Father, like family... and you wonder, WTF, God?...

...there always comes that image of Jesus, in the Garden, all his efforts reaching ruin, about to be betrayed, his flock to be scattered, his body tortured and killed, his nation soon to be dispersed, his beloved tribe abhored for millennia, asking, Father, can this cup pass?

His defeat became the greatest opportunity to demonstrate God's love, as we saw, to bring the Word to the whole world, so, the answer about the cup was, no.

You know why we know about Jesus' struggle in the Garden that night? Only because, while his adult apostles snoozed, a young man hid in the bushes and stayed close to his beloved Lord that night. Thank you, John Mark!


That do it?