Denouncing myself in advance for this one.

Evenin'! Denouncing myself in advance for this one.

Logprof October 17, 2012 12:20 AM:
--Please don't take it personally, but your site kinda sucks.

Damn, man! I came back the next morning to graze upon late ONT comments and found this harshness.

:Sad Face: sucks Yes, yes, you're right. Much of it probably does. My oft-neglected eclectic vanity site's just a dumping ground for my lifetime of Tourette's-like doodling, dittys, and diatribes.

:Sadder Face: The site's pretty much all my doing, from the tiniest picture to the entire site design, so it's kind-of hard not to take criticism personally.

:Scream Face: I shall now proceed to take down my site, burn all backups, hack all archives on the web, destroy all evidence it ever existed, and never go on the web again, so devastated with shame am I.

Oh. Wait! Wait! :Sudden realization: To be dissed by one of the horde is higher honor than the praise of mere mortals!!!11!! Therefore, I have emblazoned this comment across the top of my front page and several section pages.


My joking invite set meself up for that one, I s'pose, but didn't I tell you ignore the content, just send money? I appreciate criticism, but constructively-wise, one is left wondering what part of teh suck, one is.


"Could you be more specific"?

/candycritter AAAGGGHHHH

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