Benghazi a Staged Incident
The whole Benghazi thing was an attempt to "do Carter right" by staging a hostage situation and TFG got shafted, someone says. I think that's the message here. Sad how likely this sounds, isn't it!
And the scandalous video nobody ever saw was part of a conspiracy of Islaminazis. To, you know, show how despicable the West is and enrage rageboys, I guess.
Then there's the "'large number' of shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles and "2,000 semiautomatic rifles and ammunition" missing in Libya.
The War News Updates guy remarks, "ominous."

Ain't it a funny world.

Boy, I'm going to go home now and sleep far away from computers and even my cell has failed. And when I wake up, this better all be fixed, y'hear me?