Bacon Rage

By the way, Pete, following up on your "Bad Thing" after not being served any L or T on your BLT…

Milady Webworker brought home a couple of cheeseburgers for us, but she discovered they had no cheese. Found this out while sitting in the parking lot of the place. But, there's a long line back through the drive-thru, and parking and going in sort-of defeats the whole drive-thru convenience thing, so she just left. At least she was not charged for the cheeseburger. (And in fairness, the kids there are usually good; this was some still-new guy, whom she no doubt confused with a "special order.")

Daughter just got back from a couple of days in Kansas and she reports that, despite her specific request, there was no ketchup in the sack of her to-go order. Again, inconvenience overruled making a deal of it, as you did. But fast-food breakfast potato cakes without ketchup just before she hits the road was disappointing.

This poor service syndrome must be epidemic, possibly wide-spread!

Now comes a report of one Shaneka Monique Torres, who twice in one day did not get bacon on her McD's burger, as ordered. The second time, she "did a bad thing," too. And went to jail.

I can't help thinking, though, if this Dissatisfying Service Syndrome is widespread enough, a jury might just find in her favor.

Barton Deiters (seriously?) at c/o Alex, Weird Universe

Twisting Twister

[Tornadoes spotted on the ground down in Tulsa. She'll probably be fine, but a bit of prayer for my mom won't be unwelcome.]