August in an Oklahoma County? Eewww.

It's impossible to say when is best to visit beautiful Oklahoma, but it's probably best to avoid August. Unless you plan to visit some of our many lakes. Spring is nice, occasional twisters notwithstanding.

There's "Green Country" in the Northeast, my territory, the edge of the Ozarks and part of the great Arkansas river watershed, part of the Mississippi system. Did you know Tulsa is a port?

Just to the west is where the Great Plains begins, rolling green hills give way to vast, flat grasslands, rising gradually towards the Rockies. Like western Kansas, only a touch more scenic.

In SE Oklahoma, there's the Ouachita "Mountains." Once higher than the Rockies, now worn down to "merely" huge green, rolling mounds, with warm enough climate to be almost counted as a part of the South.

Then there's the Southwest part of the state. Close to Texas in both landscape and temperament, it's vast ranchland, sparsely populated, wild West. (Where "cockfights" means something different than it does in Barry's boudoir.) Good place to Survive, IYKWIM.

There's so much more could be said about this great state. Visit for the scenery (seriously) — stay for the principled politics and strong economy and good neighbors. Please. We need all the additional patriots we can get. Before the SHTF.