Again today, can't stay and play

Again today, can't stay and play. Monday looms. So I'm dumping some links on you instead.

Videos of the Oklahoma and Kansas tornadoes -- some pretty good shots of those mad funnels. (Closest they got to us was a "reported" twister about twenty miles south.)

A gun in hand makes a man look taller, study says

Strong men more likely to vote Conservative

Netizens laugh off failure of North Korean rocket launch

Mad Magazine also weighs in on the NK accomplishment

(Last 2 links directly or indirectly c/o that invaluable resource War News Updates

I don't know where I got this one -- maybe here? -- but I'm sure that one or two of you will be glad to criticize her pointy elbows or something.

REMEMBER FRIENDS! Maybe you can't be first, but you can still call Obama a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure!