25yo Kenmore

I only read the intro paragraph so far, but before continuing to peruse this wondeful post, I pause to write:

Too much for a blower so he put in a whole new furnace? Well, maybe there were mitigating factors, but, this former landlord thinks that’s kind of overkill. Tugboat, eh? Yeah. Newer is always better. (HONK!)

I don’t know what we’ll do if/when our 25-yo Kenmore furnace ever decides to quit. Already have a problem with one of the four burners lighting infrequently.

Of course, we’re snug down here in NE OK, where we will touch freezing a few times in coming nights, and had about six snowflakes this winter, but mostly have sunny days and temperatures in the 60s and even 70s in the unpredictable future according to Intellicast.

Have I mentioned lately how glad Okie native I, and Chicago native Milady, are, that we aren’t living in Chicago?

Anyway, sending warm vibes to all in the north and east affected by those Russian Bot jetstream-generated nor’easter blizzards.