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Mon 2011 Apr 4

Mon 2011 Apr 4, 9:20am
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

I are not no lawyer, nor do I play one on the telebishion thingy, but that never stopped me from expounding before, much less with open invitation such as yours, Kimberly! :)

So many interesting questions arise with this administration that never before needed consideration. It's like releasing arduously-tested software to the public and the first idiot* user finds all the bugs by pushing buttons in ways never imagined. Nobody ever ran things this wacky way before, so we never ran into these glitch-makers.

Here's a copy of the Constitution.
Here's Article 2: The Presidency

Of course, the wording of that forgotten, indecipherable, anachronistic relic of dead white Euro males is clear as can be: "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President." (Er, actually, looking at it, the comma placement could be construed to mean one had to be natural born prior to adoption, hence nobody born since could be a citizen. Common sense would not suppose the authors intended such a self-defeating interpretation, but under some judges, who knows?)

Anyway, it seems the Constitution does not require that the Sec of State, Speaker of the House, or even Vice-President (absurd as that seems) has to qualify thusly. Could we, then, have a "successor" to the office who cannot legally succeed? Apparently. As the best lawyer I ever knew once told me, the only thing Law and Logic have in common is the letter L.

Constitutional requirement notwithstanding, it would seem most prudent — in case of unfortunate necessity, most expedient — to extend this qualification implicitly to those in the line of succession, especially to the VP, as the Founders presumably presumed thinking citizens would presume!

Mon 2011 Apr 4, 8:26am
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

The Mein Kampf burning by a Florida church, which sparked three days of deadly rioting in Germany, poses new dangers for the U.S.-led war effort against the Nazis, allied commander U.S. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned in an interview. The Mein Kampf burning, he added, was "hateful, extremely disrespectful and enormously intolerant." He then called for the suppression of all the Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny cartoons which depict the Germans in a manner likely to incite them.

Or was it Petraeus? Link

Sat 2011 Apr 2

Sat 2011 Apr 2, 8:12pm
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)
Also posted as BlogHeap item

Scott Brown blasts Dems' checkup
Senator, kin ‘disturbed' by health records search

"It seems in bad form. Obviously, when it comes to information about my wife and daughters, it crosses the line. I find it offensive and so do they," Brown told the Herald yesterday. … A DSCC spokesman insisted the request was only for public information and never sought private medical information about the Brown family. "Obviously, the commission has made a mistake. Now Brown is trying score cheap political points to distract from his record, voting in lock step with Republicans in Washington, D.C." …

Playbook rule #17: Quick! Change the subject! Bonus! Includes playbook rule #7: Say the other guy is doing what you're actually doing.

Fri 2011 Apr 1

Fri 2011 Apr 1, 7:49am
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)
Also posted as article in Radical Incline album

Oh, look! An actual outright "birthers are all racists" column! Isn't that quaint!

Leonard Pitts Jr.: ‘Birther' nonsense rooted in racism

Let's see what Lenny has to say:

He starts out calling birthers "pinheads," then talks about how noble he is for not usually being a name-caller, and how bad name-calling is, but in this case, it's okay because he quotes his "mama."

He mentions that Whoopi chided the Donald, asking, "has any white president ever been asked to show his birth certificate?" Oh! let's follow that logic!
1. There was never any question of the native qualifications of any previous President but there is about this one.
2. All previous Presidents were mostly white but the current president is not as white.
3. Therefore, all question of this President's origins must be raaa-cist.

After which, Lenny says, "Let the church say amen." Uhhhhmmmm…? Don't you know how that reveals what you are doing isn't thinking?

I never took a logic course, but my brother told me he failed his offering this syllogism:
1. Helen Keller was blind.
2. Helen Keller was a woman.
3. Therefore, women are blind.

Makes as much sense as the paralogic of Whoopi's racism remark!

Then Lenny tries to imagine objections to calling every criticism of Obama racist, which of course is all he's done, so haha! Irony!

Blah blah. blah. snoozzze.. Ah, I see, it's all code words, "euphemistic cover." And "Obama provided his birth certificate and its authenticity has repeatedly been vouched for by Hawaiian officials…." and "if there were the slightest chance he was ineligible for the presidency, opposition researchers working for his opponents would have shredded him like an old bank statement." Wow, where do you get that playbook these people recite?

Annnnd… end of article where he just wishes "Trump and his fellow birthers would just go ahead and call Obama an N-word." Nope, not a single shread of even faulty liberal attempted logic as good as Whoopi's to show why this question is racist.

What a pinhead.

Thu 2011 Mar 31

Thu 2011 Mar 31, 7:19pm
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

Before we knew many details, first thing I heard someone say, was, "The guy only used a .22?" (Sorry– yes, Hinkley got close enough to do serious damage, more to poor old Brady than to the President, and for all I know a .22 caliber Röhm RG-14 revolver is serious business, but for dark humor, it was kinda amusing.)


Sun 2011 Mar 27

Sun 2011 Mar 27, 1:01pm
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

Since I have known how to say docious ali expi istic fragi cali rupus for about a half-century ago, I must protest. You can't pronounce Suoicilacitenikeicnegnitnocsaesrevo!

It would have to be more like ocios ali netic kin cies tin gen con seas revo — much better.


"..for about a half-century ago.."

Oh, Duhr! Previews! The new site must have previews!

Sat 2011 Mar 26

Sat 2011 Mar 26, 10:40am
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

VikingMom said, "I believe she also said that Sarah Palin was the only woman who ever thanked her for being a trailblazer for women in politics…" Essentially:

Geraldine Ferraro died today of blood cancer. As the first female vice presidential candidate in 1984, she inspired a generation of women, including me. The moment I knew Sarah Palin has the majesty of soul to be a great leader came during her speech after John McCain announced he had selected her as his running mate, when she thanked Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, both Democrats, for their accomplishments in clearing the way for other women to run for vice president and president. This video includes both that moment and the moment on the Greta van Susteren show when Rep. Ferraro said that Gov. Palin was the FIRST PERSON EVER TO THANK HER for her achievements as a trailblazer for women.


Wed 2011 Mar 23

Wed 2011 Mar 23, 10:40pm
On HillBuzz
Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

Noting that on the bottom of the screen shot from this video, the news crawl says, "Report: Iran Halted Nuke Program…." Ah,yes, how well I remember; thank goodness we never had to worry about that again.

Tue 2011 Mar 22

Tue 2011 Mar 22, 9:54am
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Comment seems to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

"As with any VIPs or friends who dine at the Source, Drewno sent signature items to the Obamas' table: tuna tartare cones, squares of suckling pig, tandoori Arctic char. The first couple make a point of having those items added to the bill."

Magical Animal — Simpsons — I didn't watch this, being on a slow connection, but I assume it's the classic scene I was looking for.

This has been Your Hog Report for the day.

Sat 2011 Mar 5

Sat 2011 Mar 5, 9:27am
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Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28)

Um… "Just like with Maoism, Stalinism, Maoism…" Heh. Rant checker needed.

Sun 2011 Feb 27

Sun 2011 Feb 27, 9:36am
On HillBuzz

I come to HillBuzz for the politics, not for Boystown buzz. Yet here I am on the Oscar thread! Hunh!

Likewise I go to the blog of a great guy, writer Mark Evanier, for his many marvelous entertainment industry (especially animation and comics) insider tales and related links, and not so much for his unfortunate misguided liberal beliefs and links to the like.

Mark writes of the Oscars that he's "baffled by those who moan it's 3+ hours of rich, successful people stroking one another. Well, yeah. Those who have this complaint are unclear on the concept." HA!

Mon 2011 Feb 14

Mon 2011 Feb 14, 11:23am
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Sat 2009 Feb 21

Sat 2009 Feb 21, 3:33pm

Commenter Jillian has it absolutely right, of course. "If there are no victims and no potential victims then where is the crime?" Like all tyrannical Prohibitionists (Puritan or Taliban), that Maine Attorney General fails to differentiate between the proper province of criminal law -- transgression of one person upon another -- and the enforcement of religious taboos regarding personal choices (what one can smoke, read, think, or beat off to) that have nothing to do with interpersonal transgression, unless you contruct convoluted and self-justifying socialist arguments like "we have the right to control whether you can drink booze because the Public pays for your liver transplant" or "Because pot is illegal, those who buy pot support organized crime."

Damn Puritanism and all the other forms of tyrannical Socialism, and especially damn Prohibitionism!