All Birthers are Racists and All Women are Blind

Oh, look! An actual outright “birthers are all racists” column! Isn’t that quaint!

A Mindful Webworker posts a rant on HillBuzz:[*] Comment appears to have been deleted (2011-06-28). Copy of original comment

Oh, look! An actual outright “birthers are all racists” column! Isn’t that quaint!

Leonard Pitts Jr.: ‘Birther’ nonsense rooted in racism.[*] Let’s see what Lenny has to say:

He starts out calling birthers “pinheads,” then talks about how noble he is for not usually being a name-caller, and how bad name-calling is, but in this case, it’s okay because he quotes his “mama.”

He mentions that Whoopi chided the Donald, asking, “has any white president ever been asked to show his birth certificate?” Oh! let’s follow that logic!
1. There was never any question of the native qualifications of any previous President but there is about this one.
2. All previous Presidents were mostly white but the current president is not as white.
3. Therefore, all question of this President’s origins must be raaa-cist.

After which, Lenny says, “Let the church say amen.” Uhhhhmmmm…? Don’t you know how that reveals what you are doing isn’t thinking?

I never took a logic course, but my brother told me he failed his offering this syllogism:
1. Helen Keller was blind.
2. Helen Keller was a woman.
3. Therefore, women are blind.

Makes as much sense as the paralogic of Whoopi’s racism remark!

Then Lenny tries to imagine objections to calling every criticism of Obama racist, which of course is all he’s done, so haha! Irony!

Blah blah. blah. snoozzze.. Ah, I see, it’s all code words, “euphemistic cover.” And “Obama provided his birth certificate and its authenticity has repeatedly been vouched for by Hawaiian officials….” and “if there were the slightest chance he was ineligible for the presidency, opposition researchers working for his opponents would have shredded him like an old bank statement.” Wow, where do you get that playbook these people recite?

Annnnd… end of article where he just wishes “Trump and his fellow birthers would just go ahead and call Obama an N-word.” Nope, not a single shread of even faulty liberal attempted logic as good as Whoopi’s to show why this question is racist.

What a pinhead.