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Radical Incline

{if stressed}{run talking point}

Non-Player Characters
Don’t even try to make sense of what they say and do.
They are just performing their instruction list.


The thoughtless tics and bizarre mannerisms
are actually features, not bugs.

Radical Incline

Psychological Human Trafficking

Caution: Fake News Ahead
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Or Your Lying Eyes

a lamerik
The Enemy will rig and gerrymander,
and gladly shade the truth, and lie, and slander.
But as if they just quit trying,
All now see right through their lying.
So obvious, when you take a proper gander.

Radical Incline

The windows to the soullessness

Cortez eyes, close-up

Short & Tall Tales

A match made somewhere other than Heaven!

Old Tom Riddle

Steamboat Willie,
by Walt Disney,
invented twerking.

You can look it up.

Posted by: Dark Light, Day of Confusion

Mickey twerks