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Radical Incline

The windows to the soullessness

Cortez eyes, close-up

Short & Tall Tales

A match made somewhere other than Heaven!

Old Tom Riddle

Steamboat Willie,
by Walt Disney,
invented twerking.

You can look it up.

Posted by: Dark Light, Day of Confusion

Mickey twerks

Radical Incline

When Putsch Comes to Shove

Acosta/Kav shoves intern/Ginsburg

Radical Incline

The nifty new plan to replace Daylight Saving Time

Eternal clock
The Democrats have promised, if they regain a majority in Congress, they will replace the current Daylight Saving Time with…
Day Saving Time!

In the Spring, a day will be dropped from the calendar, moving Sunday to Monday, and Tuesday-through-Saturday replaces Monday-through-Friday, and Saturday moves to Sunday.

Then, in the Fall, a day is added to move everything back to its proper place.

Vote Dem, this coming Wednesday!

confused ape