Your Parents Were Cronkited Also

I was Cronkited.

Relatedly, much thanks to the horde knowledge and perspective in helping with my de-programming.
Posted by: mindful webworker - another nacherel-born Native American! at November 20, 2014 10:13 AM (4r9zp)

Realize that your parents were Cronkited also. My parents were conservatives who, however, had a huge dose of Roosevelt government propaganda, since they had grown up during the depression, lived and fought in WWII and then felt that Social Security, Medicare, etc. were all programs they had PAID into and therefore were ENTITLED to, because they had worked for those benefits.
In those days, we had what, four or five channels max on the one TV in the house, and the news on the radio came on at noon and six pm. Cronkite told us what we "needed' to hear and only super special things in Congress were shown in a special news bulletin. Except for Kennedy's assassination which was shown extensively.

The only time you saw actual photos of Vietnam, riots, etc. was in Time magazine at the barber shop or newstand.