You can't fix stupid

Theological Thought for the day.

Are you discouraged, in need of strengthening of faith?

Need support in controlling habits destructive of the temple of the Spirit or threatening to personal relationships?

Need help recovering from a life of sin, or dealing with guilt and regret?

Are you in trouble and seemingly in need of a miracle?

To all these things, there are answers, from faith, through congregations, in scripture.

Even ignorance can be alleviated, if one is open to learning.

But one teaching chills my shriveled soul and causes me the sweats of terror. You've heard it often and I cringe whenever I hear it; you've seen the truth of it and I know it all too well from hard experience:

You can't fix stupid.

There's not a lot of hope for cured stupid I know of in religious literature. There was the guy who fell off his donkey on the Damascus Road, but I'm not sure he was more than just morally misguided and ignorant. The betrayer is a similar case. Interesting how each handled their enlightenment, Judas with suicide, Paul with leading the Christian church. Real stupid isn't about knowledge; it's about wisdom. If you can be wised up, by definition, not stupid.

"You can't fix stupid" makes me feel more hopeless than a Monty Monday Doom post. It's not that the Almighty couldn't - it's just, that doesn't seem to be on the standard menu of interventionist Deity actions.


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