You Can Say That Again

Gabriel: "I want to point out that I thought of it a long, long time before David Rivkin and Elizabeth Price Foley. In fact, I've been pressing for a lawsuit on those grounds for almost a year."

Wow! So, there's a chance that someone, somewhere, once read one of Gabe's posts?

(Oh, wait, like the kid at the dinner table who said his sibling was peeking during grace, I just gave myself say.)

Morning, Glories.


For some reason, I was just thinking...

This is Christ's world. He lived here. He won this world, earned it, owns it. He's never left in Spirit. He knows exactly what's going on.

So where are the legions of angels intervening under his command? On standby, grieving for us, with us, but restrained. Why?


I once had to / chose to let my son follow a potentially lethal decision. He lived and learned.

Better a world that learned the hard way and stays learned.

Anyway, my 2c worth inserted, now I can go read comments.