You Call That an Early Morning Thread?

Before this thread gets stomped, too...

Before the morning is completely gone...

Mooooorning, Glories!

Not to complain, really, or anything, but...

You call that an Early Morning Thread?

No Vic Editorials (Day 4, it's a crisis)

No Poppins Hollyweird tales.

No FenelonSpoke spiritual encouragement.

Even Sefton's countdown got f'd up.

Less than 60 comments?!!?!!?

I knew EMT, and that was no EMT.

Getting stomped was a mercy killing. But for some radio DJ? (Big Middle-of-America whodat yawn)

Some good links by commenters in the DJ thread, though.

Speaking of which:

The audio equivalent of tape over the camera lens is:

Dummy headset plugs kill the open mic. Stock up today.

Guess I'll see what this thread has to offer now...