Would you let Betsy Karasik babysit your children?

Would you let Betsy Karasik babysit your children?

"...she chose those words, edited those words, resolved upon those words for her final draft."

Perhaps a FIFY would be simply "she chose those words." Edit? Resolve? Much less reflect? rewrite? You presume the difference between "first" and "final" means anything except "after blindly running spelling-correction."

Continuing to read through this Fisking of her rambling substantiates this theory. (Much better than reading the original, too.)

...vast and extremely nuanced continuum of sexual interactions involving teachers and students you guys! And yet, all of it, from flirting to whatever, wrong. Huh.

Also, a friend remembers being on some really clean windowpane when he saw Nuanced Continuum open for Moby Grape.

The tangent on Murder was quite a riff in itself. ("People like killing each other a whole heck of a lot." -heh. Yeah, and ain't morality a funny thing? There's some who would never seriously consider even so much as keying a car -- even a Prius with Obama and Co-Exist bumper stickers.)

Not that it can't happen in private schools, but the public schools seem to be an especially good breeding ground (no pun intended) for this. Now add the "everybody should attend public school" Gestapo, and the "your children belong to the village" kidnappers.

The World Union of Communist Indoctrinators vs. a tiny cadre of Indy Ed resisters: those who want to subjugate the family and indoctrinate the children, opposed by those who want to preserve and perpetuate their family's values. IIRC, some old Russian guy once noted something about controlling young minds....