Wonderful....and Stressful....Memory

281 I got two comments in a row? We're in the Slowdown Times, eh?

Milady is baking cookies. Chocolate chocolate-chip. MMmmm.

Speaking of two in a row...


Thirty-one years ago this night - no, last night in the 24rd hour, - Milady was a bit busy.

We were rolling down Lake Shore Drive in a taxi, her sister in the front seat, me in the back with Milady, heading for the hospital. Imminent childbirth.

Cabbie radioed in that he was on his way with a woman about to give birth to twins. Hospital heard it as having twins in the taxi, so when we got there, a whole bunch of folks were lined up to help. (I seem to recall the taxi driver had just had a birth in the cab the day before.)

We got inside, I changed to greens, and caught up with Milady before the births. Unlike with our firstborn, I got to just hold her hand and let others do the work.

Ten minutes from the time we got to the hospital, we had a son. Ten minutes later, we had another son. The hospital personnel didn't have much to do, at that pace.

Most amusing, Milady's sister was a high-ranking nurse at that hospital, and she became Dictator of the birthing theater. Figured out later she was ordering doctors about. In the panic of the moment, all was forgiven, though.

It's been... an interesting three decades since then. We had lunch with daughter and one son tonight, more festivity this weekend when other son gets to town.

Childbirth is terrifying. Women are phenomenal.

Posted by: mindful webworker - dad at April 22, 2016 03:01 AM (Yf6eY)

What a wonderful....and stressful....memory! Thank you for sharing both the wonder and the worry. Prithee, give us a nightcap as to how the sons prosper today.