Women can do anything men can do

My comment for the night. Long, but pithy:

Blond on Blond is 50 years old.

WD: ...Women can do anything men can do... it's the rare Troglodyte who thinks they can't.

Rare troglodytes:

Christopher Taylor #17: Bullcrap... Women CANNOT do anything men can do. CAN NOT....

WOPR #20: ...They can't. Just as men can't do anything women can do....

I'm sure this was all beaten to death in comments past #20, but I'll chime in anyway with my 2¢.

Yeah, I kinda concur with these trogs, as a general rule, but it does remind me of two things:

2. Ginger did everything Fred did, backward and in high heels. Not absolutely true (see for example Fred's firecracker routine or drum solo dance) but still kinda funny.

1. My computer guru, from back in the early '80s / TRS-80 days, was fond of saying, any computer can do anything any other computer can do... it just takes longer. Again, not absolutely true, but...

...in that vein, given the right equalizers, women really can do just about anything men can do.

Reproductive functions aside.

My shoulder was hurting lately but getting better.

Then, a little while ago, I slipped on a wet floor and, going down hard, wrenched it and skinned my knee.

Milady brought me some healing ointment for the knee, but it must've been old because the plastic bottle just cracked open and spewed contents all over the desk.

So... I can take a hint... I'm going to bed.