Why we provide courts and judges

Am I the only one who thinks this way? -FART

Of course not.

I have a twice-divorced relative who says he can totally understand what (he assumes) OJ did to the ex. This man is psychically cancerous with vendetta and bitterness, toward others as well. I've never been betrayed by a spouse, much less twice, so while I don't accept his bitter conclusions or dispiritedness, I sympathize deeply with his experience, for I have always so despised betrayal of contract, loyalty, or vow.

We, at least nations descended from Western & British heritage law, generally speaking, strive for a system of justice which provides for impartiality and true justice, ideally recompense and rehabilitation, not mere punishment-revenge. We provide courts and judges precisely because the heart of an individual will not always choose justly when wounded. It's what separates civilization from vigilante, mob, and gang rule.

Having said that all seriously you guys, I am compelled to add:

Plotting to murder a betraying ex is premeditation to evil. Stylebook calls for catching them in bed heat of the moment for best defense.

(Heaven, May civilization be strengthened and restored on our world!)