Whole Lake Shore is Compacted Sand

redc1c4: ...doesn't help that the local building standards don't incorporate anti-seismic requirements, as they do here in Quake-land...

No kidding. They don't even build to withstand tornadoes, really.

Changing, gradually.

Years ago I read that if the Madrid quake happened today, most of downtown Chicago would be flattened. Best place to be was the Hancock, built on rolling caissons. I've been up 'top the Hancock when it was swaying just from the wind. Would be interesting to be there drinking while watching the city burn around you.

The whole lake shore is compacted sand, which would "liquify." Most buildings built on that would collapse, except maybe double-brick buildings (like the one we lived in) which would merely be uninhabitable. Utility lines destroyed, roads gone, gas lines burning. Fun stuff.