What is a "Wookie?"

Carol >> What is a "Wookie?" I honestly do not know.


You don't recognize (at least by name, 'though you probably would by sight) the Star Wars shag-carpet-covered character who just made groany animal noises? That's wonderful. Almost wish I didn't! Not. A. Star. Wars. Fan. But (sigh) my kids were.

You don't know "wookie" is frequently applied to Mrs. Beard O'SCoaMF, the shag-carpet-covered First Let's Move Tranny Lady, either?

Carol, may the Spirit always ensure your sensitivities 'gainst the brutality of reality.

Long-time folks: Didn't Ace long time past come down on commenters depicting the Foisted Lady in certain bad terms like this (or worse)? I was a young moron then. Maybe I misunderstood.

Anyway, Carol, you seem like a little sweetie, with your roses and roof leaks and... big, serious problems for which we all here pray... yet... You're so sharp, so strong, a vertiable Xena. (Folks, you just shout down this old idiot if you think I'm off-base.) And yet so often I see you so innocent of civilization's crap.

You know why I like it? It's encouraging.

We want our grandchildren to not be hyperexposed to the crap like we are.

Not that there's anything wrong with wookies.

Personally, I like purple-haired mylar-wrapped twins, but to each his and her own.

How did I get there?

Good night, Gracies. God grant us all a better tomorow. (Say it together with me... our Father, Hooartinhevv'in Hollowed, be thy name....)