What Did Jesus Write?

Linked to this on my “blog heap o’links,” which I’m striving to be reviving but ain’t got much yet. I mean, it’s not like anyone will see it there soon, but the heap was originally just my own “bookmarks” jazzed up. :)

chrissy, I admit I don’t always take the time to pursue all your connections in your various fascinating posts. I’d like to go back over all (or almost all?) of ‘em, to get a better picture of the larger patterns you touch on. Or, seem to touch on, when I can follow what you’re saying. (It’s me :) ) But, like this post shows, even when what you’re doing is basically speculating, a/k/a making things up (heh), you do so with such knowledge and skill! What you surmise is so reasonable as to suggest it’s high likelihood!

And, even if it’s not true, it does reflect Jesus’ manner, I’d say; your research teaches and your speculations uplift as well.

Thanks for this. Keep digging!