I'm waiting to read the whole comic on the office big screen when I can take my time to give your stories their due attention. BUT...

I just spent some time scrolling around an enlarged view of the front cover. It is great. Every set-up! The one I really want to see is "Westchester." I don't know what's going on in that panel, but the pairings are so evocative, all the different teams and ages those characters represent. A good example of how your cross-company pairings resonate.

Hats off to you, for all the issues, present, past, and, we all hope, a long, fruitful future. You've put your ideas, including kind-of raggedy old ones, out there in the Web, and we're grateful you have.

I think I saw something about a King Kong / Planet of the Apes crossover comic. I thought, does Ross get a cut from that?