We're Going To Be Hearing A Lot About Marijuana

We're Going To Be Hearing A Lot About Marijuana In The Next Few Weeks

Didn't click. Did sigh. Must we? Really?

Lord, I've been on the Repeal bandwagon since ... always. We (not counting MADD) don't have to "hear a lot about" booze. We drink. I just want Repeal so those who choose to toke can just do it.

I once hoped that for all the ill he brought, "forgot to exhale" Clinton might bring repeal. Or maybe party boy Bush would do the conservatively correct thing. Or at least the pandering Choomster... but, no, the tokin' Prezzies were all sell-outs on the issue, as a toner might say.

My Head Shop has cartoons & even songs (mostly more than a decade old), about pot (among other indulgences), just for amusement and edutainment. My Radical Incline section includes my screeds about the politics & morality of it. Getting close to 20 years' worth.

So, I've put in my share about it, including this, I guess... but...

But for _____'s sake, legalize, toke, SHUT UP about it.