Well, Sure, If You Want to Do It the Easy Way

"Mini usb to usb"

Well, sure, if you want to do it the easy way...

I have software that supposedly lets me look at and copy files from the cell. The paint program tells me the copies aren't really JPGs, though. What th?

Then, this tablet has 2 USB ports, a mini on the screen/tablet where the power plug goes, and a regular on the keyboard/dock where the bug for the wireless mouse goes.

I have a multiplex plug purchased with the tablet. Mini USB to 3 ports: 2 reg & 1 mini. You'd think that would be the key. But, no. the multiplex can go between the power plug and the tablet, but it apparently does not transmit power.

So, sans multiplex for reg usb, I either have to not have power or not have wireless mouse while the cell is connected. That's the only way I've found.

Like I said, the easy way.