Weird Universe of Santa

Merry Christmas, weirdos. I don't get to comment much, nor lately get to read comments much, but the world would be worse without Weird Universe, wouldn't we all agree?

Here's a link to something I wrote for Christmas back in nineteen-aught-ninety-six, sorta my own 'Yes Virginia,' weird in its (my?) own way. Enjoy with a dash of salt.

Santa, Dear Friends
For those who may have come to doubt the old elf

This led to the following weird (appropriately) exchange

@ Mindful webworker IF YOU WROTE THIS back in "nineteen-aught-ninety-six"(BTW that would be 19096,which has not occurred yet and is 17,085 years in the future!) Why does it state at the bottom of the page "Originally posted on CompuServe's Religion Forum, as message #113182, in section 5, Religious Education and Research on 1988 Dec 24, at about twenty minutes to midnight, under the subject, "Once More for Santa!" ?????
Posted by Tyrusguy on 12/24 at 03:22 PM

Uh, yeah, well, the 19-aught joke is a riff familiar to fans of ol' Pogo. But yes I blew the date besides, as you note. Posted on my website '96 but originally written & posted back in mostly world-wide-webless nineteen-aught-eighty-eight. Oof! Taking my weirdly befuddled mind and going back to lurk mode now. Happy New year, too, y'all!
Posted by A Mindful Webworker on 12/24 at 06:27 PM
There was further exchange, removed by WU