Weird Critter Experience of the Week

#WeirdCritterExperience of the week:

We're in town, at the large building warehousing too much stuff. We'd had all the doors open during the day to air out the mustiness. Now the place was closed up and we're packing to go home when Milady says:

We have a bit of a problem... (always great to hear, waiting for the punchline/lede/other shoe) We have a (2nd) cat in the place.

The regular office cat, Merlin, sometimes gets to go out for brief forays, and has been seen with a neighbor cat - presumably feral. Apparently, while the doors were open, Feral got in.

We searched the place as best we could, but there are a brazillion hidey-holes. I caught a glimpse of Feral just once, dashing across the room. We had a door open for Feral to exit, but never saw him leave.

Eventually, we just closed the place up and went home. Went back the next day, opened the place up and continued inspection. Never saw him again.

Presumably, it snuck out the door at some point. Catfood consumption and litter box analysis (if that matters) suggest we're just down to Merlin again, but we don't really know!

What I do know is, we've got to clear out that place.