We were hilarious

"Soccer is great when the kiddos are little. It's funny as hell."

HS prep school leagu Soccer in Okla in the late 1960s - in other season's, fullbacks were football players, front line was track. We were hilarious. Lots of action.

One day, Coach put us up against Oral Roberts Univ "B" team. They had S. American & Euro imports. Now, we had a couple of guys who could dribble a ball like they had hands for feet - but these ORU guys were magicians. Think Jr High BB team vs Globe Trotters.

We played as hard as hell, offense and defense. Running, running, passing, passing, thwarted at every move. They kept our goalie busy - but, dear God, Wayne was fast, and smashing his head into a goal post repeatedly didn't phase him - he saved our butts often, but especially that day. Meanwhile, their goalie was smoking a cig (no doubt in violation of ORU rules), leaning against the goal posts, relaxing.

We were exhausted, mangled, and soundly trounced, but we held them to only one goal... alas, that was an own-goal by my buddy Dave heading the ball the wrong way.

We went to the locker room feeling whipped, crushed like the can in kick the can.

We felt a little better when Coach informed us that was really the ORU "A" team. Best internationalsoccer players the miracle healer's money could acquire.

That was fun.

Unbelievable what a boring game it is played "pro."