Was Saving These for the Morning Thread, But...

Was saving these for the morning thread, but... (refreshes main page one last time)... nope, still not up.


[Jimmy] Hatch, a Navy SEAL senior chief who led a platoon into a fierce battle to try to rescue Bergdahl, was shot and badly wounded on that mission. Beside him, service dog Remco lay mortally wounded, after running through a hail of bullets at two Taliban fighters hiding in a ditch, exposing their whereabouts....

Dianna Cahn, Stars and Stripes

h/t Dave Blount, Moonbattery


Good article by some "Dedicated Tenther" on the attitude of gratitude.

...Then, a week or two ago, while listening to our preacher give his lesson, something struck me. It pierced me to the core....



A Biblical scholar claims that due to a mistranslation the original scripture actually says that Eve was made from Adam's penis not his rib. The professor states that man is the only mammal without a penis bone. Guess that's where it went.

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"Battle Bike" - bicycle ready for serious action

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And, repeating from earlier upthread...

Congratulations to Ace of Spades for winning The Senator John Blutarsky Award for Conservative Blogging!

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