Vinyl Collection

Hello, again, Late Night Morons.

Home late. Rain here has been gentle, not flooding as anticipated. Wet enough that the dog smells like a wet dog, though.

In my day, vinyl went from almost 78rpm-stiff to almost magazine-insert "floppy" thickness thinness. The later type seemed to degrade more quickly.

I haven't even looked at my vinyl collection in years. Most should be in good shape. I did the whole handle-by-the-edges, wipe-clean, lightweight tonearm, play-once-and-tape thing.


In High School, a cousin asked to borrow some LPs for a party. When I went to retrieve them, I realized we had different philosophies about records. I think hers derived from 1950s 45RPMs. She'd stacked my LPs on the changer-spindle! There were finger smudges on the discs!! Some were still lying around, out of the sleeves, on the floor!!! A Doors album I think, and I know my then-brand-new Beatles -- Abbey Road, IIRC.

Did not ask her to buy replacements. But never lent out an LP to heathens again!