Utterly Unqualified to Even Comment That I'm Unqualified to Comment

1. As with many topics discussed on this blog, I am utterly unqualified to even comment that I'm unqualified to comment on military aircraft, but I always enjoy lurking and learning (so little as I can). And usually saddened at the state of our military.

B. Prothonotary Warbler, thanks for the info on the Illusive Traveler, et al. May have it for breakfast.

+. HBD 60 Tobac, you youngster.

•. RWC: Just post an article or pic and be done with it. (And this is in no way criticizing Maet. Just think there is too much effort in the ONT.

I think you may be in the minority, there, RWC, but I have to admit there are some nights I don't read everything in depth. Think of it as a smorgaasbord, you don't have to have one of everything, just sample what you want and go on.

♦. I've lurked all I can and I can't lurkz no more.

Good night, noodniks.