Two Types Who "Finally Read the Koran"

Seems t'me there's two types who "finally read the Koran."

The ones, like Nabeel Qureshi, who discover it's full of violence and hate and are appalled...

And those Sudden Onset Jihadis who discover it's full of violence and hate and decide to reflect that in their lives.

In either case, consensus seems t'be, it's full of violence and hate. Yeah, hard to "reform" something like that - what's left after the reformation is like dehydrated water.

Watched a video the other day by a fellow who left Islam after he started reading about what it really taught.
[Ah, here it is at BlazingCatFur: ]
He also rejected all religion because of what he considered mythical stuff like the story of Noah. Sad when folks can't find the baby of faith for the murky bathwater of dubious doctrines, but better a discouraged but peaceful unbeliever than a devout and murderous fanatic!

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