Two Contests in the Okla GOP Primary

Two contests we get to vote on today in the Okla GOP primary.

National: Our excellent conservative congressman, Jim Bridenstine, is being challenged by a DC-funded GOPe-aligned fellow. Jim will likely win, but it sux that the RINO faction challenged him. Jim has been in for two terms and has promised this next time will be his last. Like they couldn't have waited two years.

State: A well-known local politico is going up against a DIABLO for state congress. Can't imagine the DIABLO is going to win, because she's all big gov and more taxes. I guess a Dem has to run on the GOP ticket here because in the general, it's no contest.

The RINOs and DIABLOs are battling the Oklahoma conservatives at every level. God help us, they haven't been winning, but they keep coming.