Trump Having His Own "Police Acted Stupidly" Moment

And, hey, I don't want to go all political on the ONT, but...

Trump keeps drawing me in, making me think: hey, maybe he's not just someone to vote "against Hillary," but because he might actually be good.... and then... he....

My newsfeeds were full of headlines today about Trump having his own "police acted stupidly" moment about the Tulsa thing. He chimed in with multiple stupid comments, from what I read. Even accounting for press distortion, it looks like Trump judged the cops ill-considered'ly.

It may not be a perfect case, but the guy was ignoring cop orders and acting suspiciously, and the cops deserve the benefit of the doubt until all the fog clears.

Would not like a guy who disses the cops so recklessly to be the CiC second-guessing the validity of the actions of every soldier whose boots are on the ground.

But, whatcha gonna do? #NeverHillary, after all.

I weep for my country.