To Keep the Balance

Since I'm not one who likes to fight just for expressing my opinion, I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't be hanging out here any more?

And that's a really sad thought.

Maybe I just need some coffee. Maybe.

I get all tied up in knots from the negativity at times also, but then I read something that steers me back on track; today it was Phoenix Girl's post & other days it's someone's hopeful analysis of something. The downers are empty and that's why we need you, Mindful Webworker, & others like you, to keep the balance. We're all here for much the same reasons, especially to reassure ourselves that we're not the only ones who actually see & understand what's happening around us --I'm comforted with all y'all's company, insight, humor, & ability to voice your frustrations.

Have a coffee & rejoice in this day - God will be working through us today.