Time Traveler's Wife.

At our daughter's for dinner earlier this month, I sat down near her bookcase and picked up a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife. Been a while since I first read it, and I found myself immediately drawn back in.

So, found our copy at home and have been reading that. Time travel romance. Being aware of how it turns out this time makes it different. Still, enjoying the journey.

Couple of thoughts:

There's no real explanation for the time traveling; no mechanism or even as much the psychic technique in Time and Again. He just jumps. And only his body travels; he arrives naked. Only other case of that I can think of is the Terminator.

I also suspect TT's Wife was the inspiration for one of the better things they've done in the modern Doctor Who series, giving the Doctor a girlfriend, River Song. They are both time travelers and meet out of order through the years. The last episode, the Christmas special, was one of the best Dr Whos, funny and sad and a great wrap-up of the River Song story.

So much to read, and I'm doing a re-read. Well, I can't stop now.