They'd saved the better wine for last

Gotta go. Good night, Gracies. Have fun. Or whatev.


As we humble ourselves before the Almighty Pageant which we celebrate this weekend, I think Morons especially should recall the wedding host who stood up and made a speech about how great, and unusual, it was that they'd saved the better wine for last.

Let's face it, is there anything in religion quite like Mary weaseling Jesus into supplying some booze? At first he was all, what's that got to do with me? And then she started crying, and, well, you know, moms, tears, devoted Jewish son, next thing you know, there's wine. I can imagine he even surprised himself, because it seems like, after that one, he kept a cautious check on his superpowers, and some distancing from the family influence.

But the thing is, the important thing is, it was the good stuff!