There is a Perfect Universe

There is a perfect universe, the eternal Heaven.

There, no one doubts the Father's existence because his presence is felt everywhere.

There, no immortal had to learn from experience because they are existential -- eternal.

No one had to learn from trial and error. No one is challenged by the partiality of creation or the antagonisms of others. No one ever suffered and died. No father of lies ever led angels and men astray from the truth.

That's one universe.

Ours is another, the universe of time and space, of experience and evolution, of learning and the necessity of faith.

We can't really comprehend those eternals or their universe. We may sometimes be aggravated, even depressed, by the challenges of this life, but the description of their existential lives seems almost boring and even mechanical and uninspiring.

Likewise, to those eternal beings, our mortality, partiality, and imperfection, yes, our very aggravation and depression, must seem incredible, nigh-impossible within the perfection of the Almighty.

When we meet, when we get to that heaven, when they visit "out here," we kind-of sort-of get to know each other's universes a little better. But, possibly, like man and woman, we can never fully comprehend each other.

There is even another layer of reality, neither infinite and eternal nor space-bound and finite, but transcendently in-between. But never mind that for now. ;-)

Why? Why not all perfection like the eternal universe?

In part, as much as we can comprehend it, because God the Eternally Perfect could not suffer, doubt himself, fail, err, or die. At least, not in God's eternal form. But just as we "live, move, breathe, and take our being" in God, so in a sense is God able to do the impossible, in spirit, through our experience. We are, so to speak, the rock God made bigger than he could lift.

It's complicated. It's a gift God & we give each other.

But beautiful, true, and, ultimately, good.