Theological water-balloon

Yestermorn, I was hanging out here when my muse moved me to compose one of the little amusing (at least, I hope) theological water-balloons I sometimes lob at the threads.

Well, darned if my muse isn't a runaway steed! Paragraphs kept getting added. I eventually moved out of the comment composition box to a text file, lest I accidentally post it or, as so often happens, lose everything I'd written in the browser.

Before it was over, I had created not just a multimedia web page but a video playlist to accompany it.

So, that's where I disappeared to yesterday. I knew you'd be wondering. Lucky y'all, it kept me from cluttering the thread.

Oh, in case anybody was curious... (Muldoon, if that other one was a long run for a short slide, this one is a 5K run-up...!)

Imagine Only Heaven
What in Heaven do you mean by no Hell?