The Real St Nick

The Real St. Nicholas contrasts "Santa Claus" with St Nick.

…Santa is about receiving—that is why young children do not traditionally ask each other, “What did you give others for Christmas?” but rather, “What did you get for Christmas?” Santa is the patron saint of consumerism. The authentic St. Nicholas knows that while it is important to receive graciously, almsgiving still results in receiving more grace.…

Above link, a link to an article about the reconstruction, and the following comment, c/o FenelonSpoke, often called the unofficial pastor over at Ace of Spades blog:

"…St. Nicholas was a real person who defended the divinity of Jesus at the council of Nicea. He argued against Arius who didn't think Jesus was divine and got so angry that he slapped Ariius.…"

I knew the Council was contentious, but wasn't aware the Council got that physically rowdy! :D