The Quakes Are Real

Hadoop: "Oklahoma is claiming that fracking is causing earthquakes."

Two fixes.

"Oklahoma" can't claim anything. Quote scientists unquote claim things like that. About Oklahoma. So some committee wastes our money pondering it.

Hadoop: "Don't want those corn fields falling down!"

Mostly pasture, but otherwise, wheat, I think. And soybeans. And a couple sizeable urns with towers.

The quakes are real. They're down in OKC area but in the biggest one a couple years ago, a friend's house was seriously damaged... in Tulsa, 90 mi away.

I'm 50 mi further away, and I felt it (my only conscious experience of earthquaking).

An earthquake of a magnitude which would merely locally rattle Californians will travel with great force over vast areas via the mid-continent bedrock. Like when 1812 Madrid series rattled Philly & D.C.

The OK quakes are new, and increasing in frequency and strength, AFAIK. If this is Anthropogenic Tectonics (added to my permanent vocabulary, AllenG), I would not expect such increases.

I am not a professional or pedigreed seismologist, just a hobby armchair geologist, but I think something subterranean has significantly shifted, and we may soon see the Big One happens not at Madrid as has so long been predicted, but in OKC. And nothing mid-continent is built to withstand the earth heaving and shifting.


I survived the biggest (Oklahoma) quake - mugs & t-shirts &c. overpriced junk (my profit is tiny, tho). You want it especially if you were nowhere near.